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Fly or Sail to Santorini

Fly or Sail to Santorini

For anyone who may be wondering how to get to Santorini, the simple answer is, it is very easy. There are several options available to the intrepid traveller who wishes to explore this beautiful island. The first, which is the quickest and therefore probably the most convenient, would be to fly. It is possible to fly to Santorini directly from many of the major European airports, and if there is no direct flight, then simple change over at Athens for a transfer flight to Thira airport is possible.

Package holidays to Greek islands include flights to Santorini airport and accommodation combined into one low cost. A trip to Greece does not have to be expensive and as there are budget airlines now travelling into Santorini, flights are becoming much more affordable for more people. It is possible to book flights to Greece and hotel accommodation separately, and for anyone who may decide to arrive on a flight into Santorini airport unplanned, there will often be someone at the airport with rooms to rent. Last minute travellers and adventure seekers may prefer this type of unplanned holiday. It all helps to add to the excitement of a holiday on one of the most amazing islands in the world.

It is also possible to sail into Santorini, and if this is the chosen mode of transport there are several ways to do so. For those who decide to sail, cruise liners dock in the port on a regular basis. Those who decide to take a Greek island cruise or a Mediterranean cruise will find that Santorini is a popular destination on most of the cruises available. Cruise holidays are extremely popular as they are a great way of seeing several destinations in one trip. Most cruises sail through the night so that each day can be spent in a different port. Cruises are no longer for the elite as they once were, and there are many great cruise deals to be found for those who like to hunt for a bargain.

Cruising is not to everyone’s tastes and for those who prefer to sail to Santorini, but who do not want to be a part of a cruise package, it is possible to take a ferry from the port of Piraeus near Athens and sail to the island that way. This is also a great way for the independent traveller to go Greek island hopping, as there is no one else’s schedule to adhere to and the holiday can be as flexible as you like. The ferry service is reliable and affordable and a popular choice for many Greeks who want to take a break from the mainland and enjoy a few days on Santorini.

However you decide to get to the island you will be very glad you did. It is one of the best places in Greece to soak up the atmosphere, the culture and the history of the area all at the same time. Of course, the lively nightlife and fabulous beaches are another big draw for visitors and the friendly locals help to make everyone feel right at home.