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Santorini Beaches

Santorini Beaches

When considering Europe’s best beaches, Greece comes high on the list. Santorini has a stunning coastline, and while the beaches might not be the powdery white sand of faraway dreams, they are some of the most breath-taking in the world. The island is volcanic and therefore the beaches are darker than on most of the other Greek islands, but still remain very popular with locals and visitors alike.

Kamari Beach is popular with visitors of all ages. Those looking for Greek holidays will find that the accommodation in and around Kamari is more than suitable for a wonderful break away.  The beach itself is 3 miles long and is actually one of the longest on the island. It consists of black sand and pebbles and there are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for those who want to relax. Water sports are also available on this beach.

For those who like a smaller beach, Red Beach in Santorini Island is truly delightful. Being small, it can get busy as many people flock to see the stunning red cliffs that sit behind the beach, and it is these cliffs that give the beach its name. The sand on this beach is black, the waters are very clear and because of this it is a popular place for snorkelers. The beach can be found near 'Akrotiri', one of the ancient villages of Santorini which is great for sightseeing.

Those who are looking for a more secluded beach might like White Beach in the island of Santorini which is only accessible by boat. It is found right next to Red Beach near Akrotiri and has a dramatic backdrop of white cliffs. On the beach visitors will find a small tavern and a small collection of sunbeds with umbrellas.

The tourist town of Perissa has a long, black beach. Perissa Beach is very impressive and therefore extremely popular with visitors of the island. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas in rows along the black sand and the waters here are crystal clear. For those who enjoy strolling along a black beach in Santorini island, this is one of the best places in the world to enjoy.

A small word of warning for these looking for nudist (nude) beaches or clothing optional beaches; if the beach you choose is close to a hotel or restaurant, then it is likely to not be a beach suitable for nude bathing or nude sunbathing. The same can be said for a secluded cove, if it is close to a small church then it is highly likely that nudity will not be tolerated, particularly if the church overlooks the beach. Some beaches do have signs posted warning that nudism will not be tolerated. Your best bet will be to speak to a local. They will know of a beach where you can go to get an all over tan, and may even offer to take you by boat to a secluded area.

For those looking for beach hotels, Santorini has many to offer. The island is extremely popular with those booking package holidays to Greek islands as direct flights from several places in Europe makes the island very accessible. Flights to Greece are also very reasonable thanks to the introduction of many low cost airline routes into the country.