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Santorini Sports and Activities

Santorini Sports and Activities

While many people visit Santorini just to spend time relaxing on a beach or by a pool, there are also plenty of people who want to be a little more adventurous.  Water sports are particularly popular thanks to the clear and calm waters around the island.  Diving in Santorini is another popular pastime and there are numerous interesting dive sites along the coast.  

It is not essential to have spent time diving before as there are Santorini Diving Centres which offer lessons suitable for beginners and these can be found at various points along the coast.  In Santorini, scuba diving is a great way to get closer to nature and to see some of the treasures that are inaccessible if you want to keep your feet dry.  These include hundreds of varieties of fish and volcanic rocks.

Water sports include a number of options.  For sea kayaking, Santorini has a number of options and sailing is also popular.  Visitors will find areas such as Kamari and Perivolos interesting if they want to take part in water sports in Santorini.  These both have centres for sports where visitors can sign up to go jet skiing or parasailing as well as spend time diving.  Many of the activities can be supervised and there are lessons available in a number of places for those who need them.

Not everybody wants to spend time in the water and for those visitors there are plenty of other options available.  A number of the beaches have volleyball fields and this is a great way to stay active and make friends while on holiday.  For beach activities, Santorini is one of the top Greek islands.  The beach volleyball even has several competitions taking place on the island each year.

Some of the hotels have swimming pools and/or tennis courts and there are also courts for 5 a side football.  This is perfect for families who want to have some fun while they are in Santorini.  Outdoor activities are ideal for spending some quality time together and team games are also a good way of making new friends.  
The island is perfect for those who enjoy walking or horse riding as visitors get to see so much simply by covering a relatively short distance. 

There are walks to the top of the volcano for those who want to see the island from a new angle.   Horse riding is a great way to visit some of the smaller villages and see the traditional side of island life. In Santorini, extreme sports are also on offer.  These are perfect for those who have a very adventurous streak.  

There is a cliff on Kamari beach which is popular with those who enjoy jumping into the water.  The depth of the water there is enough for it to be safe for those who have little experience of this sport.  Everyone who visits Santorini has the option of doing as much or as little as they like on their holiday and sports are just one way to have fun and enjoy the company of others.